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About Minnath Estates

Born in Chennai, Minnath Estates
took wings

Incepted to provide long-term value to its clients, Minnath Estates adheres to the strictest accountability standards across the organization to guarantee openness, honesty, and ethics in all of its developments. Although technology and environmental stewardship are fundamental to us at Minnath, the organization's primary purpose is to build homes that elevate people's living experience.


To reimagine real estate by drawing
on our rich repertoire as an
experienced real estate developer
committed to value, accountability,
and civic conscience.


To create value spaces for people to
enjoy, interact, and experience via
creative property development,
thoughtful amenities, and
long-term urban livability.


Quality is sacrosanct. We want our customers to leave behind a legacy - their Minnath home - that they can be proud of.


If it's not worth it, we don't do it. We know our customers' trust is earned, not given.


Project locations you will be proud of. Well-planned amenities, ample parking spaces, and open landscaped areas - we have it all covered.


We deliver on our commitments, and we only make commitments we can honor.


We implement initiatives that elevate our accountability and raise the threshold of quality in our developments.